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We welcome Metronome, Kalista and Fuuga

We at Exclusive Audio are proud to announce that we are now the official distributors and dealers in Greece, for three of the major high-end audiophile brands worldwide: Metronome, Kalista and Fuuga.



Founded in 1987 and developed by a team of enthusiasts in France, Métronome Technologie is one of the few top audiophile brands worldwide. Over the years, the company has handcrafted and built loudspeakers, amplifiers and the highly esteemed CD players which created the company’s reputation in the high-end segment. Today, it offers a wide range of products like DAC & CD Players, CD Transports, D/A Converters, Music Servers etc. Explore the Metronome product range here.

metronome photo



The company has also created a separate even more exclusive line of audiophile products under the Kalista Audio brand name. Kalista was born at the beginning of the 2000s in the workshops of Metronome aiming to produce unique pieces of design and sound performance. Launched in 2003, Kalista immediately met with great success and won numerous awards from professionals and specialist magazines. Several Kalista products are the pride and joy of audiophiles around the globe. Today, Kalista offers the DreamPlay CD, a DAC Converter and the EA loudspeaker. Discover the world of Kalista here.

kalista photo



Fuuga’s development is a story of two men’s passion and painstaking R&D which spans nearly 3 years. Osamu Nagao, a good friend of the famous Miyabi cartridge designer Haruo Takeda and one of his dealers, wanted to recreate the magic of Miyabi cartridge which was no longer produced. He recruited another audio designer and the two of them after a series of technological breakthroughs, were able to design and produce an even better cartridge named Fuuga.

“Miyabi” (雅) means “elegance” in Japanese.  To honor the legacy of “Miyabi”, Nagao named it “Fuuga” (風雅), which means “elegance with flair”. Learn more about Fuuga in an AudioBeat review here.

fuuga photo


Contact us today to talk about these top audiophile products.

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van den Hul - The First Ultimate MK II Interconnects

For absolute pure, grainless musicality, beautifully smooth, non fatigue and truly seducing sounds!
HiFi Pig - June 2014


ProAc - Response d40/R speakers

Make way for stereo speakers that make way for the music in all its glory!
What Hi-Fi - April 2013


Van Den Hul 3T the Cloud Hybrid cable

Thanks to the really heavy 3T construction, you will enjoy a fabulous sound quality. A uniquely numbered, handmade speaker cable performed with a braided sleeve in the color of your choice. Comes in a beautiful sturdy case with a certificate of authenticity personally signed by mr. A. J. van den Hul.
Accessory of the Year Award, 21 HIFI.com, 2013 (China)


Wilson Benesch Cardinal Loudspeaker

Inspired by nature and natural sound, the new Wilson Benesch flagship, “The Cardinal” is the summation of decades of work in the fields of cabinet, drive unit, and material innovation. This development has been evolutionary, building upon each and every success. Out of a passionate commitment to manufacturing, innovation and an adherence to the highest standards of craftsmanship, comes a product that could only emerge from one company.
Prestige Award, Super AV Magazine, 2013 (CHINA)


2014 Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show

The annual important event for hi-end audio, music and home theatre lovers in Hong Kong and South East Asia
from Aug.8 to Aug.10, 2014
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

2014 IFA Berlin

IFA in Berlin, the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, presents the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe‘s most important regional market.
Show Dates: Sept. 5 - Sept.10, 2014
Venue: Berlin ExpoCenter City

Your Phono Cartridge can be transformed to a superlative performer by the hands of A.J. van den Hul himself!



Phono Cartridge Transformation

For only 65.00 euros (inc VAT) your moving coil or moving magnet cartridge is sent to A.J. van den Hul to be checked for an accurate repair quotation. This surcharge is deducted from the final repair invoice.. If you do not accept the quotation the cartridge is returned to you with no additional cost. Services offered include: retipping, matched cantilever/stylus assembly replacements, coil repairs/replacements, suspension repairs and cartridge tuning for specific PU arms and types of music. The brands supported for this service are:Audio Note, Audio Technica, Benz Micro, Cartridgeman, Denon, Dynavector, EMT, Goldring, Grado, Koetsu, Linn, Lyra, Nagaoka, Ortofon, Reson, Roksan, Shure, Sumiko, Technics, Transfiguration, van den Hul, Zyx.


after sales service


The Maestros by Exclusive Audio team offers unparalleled quality in the areas of after sales service and consulting in upgrades or reconditioning of used Hi-Fi and video systems.

Our Head Electronics Engineer Jonas Sakkis is always available for your inquiries!